Saturday, May 3, 2008


Mum tough me what “Bakulong” is when I was young.
So, this is “Bakulong”.

During my childhood, I use to buy “Bakulong Jeruk” every time we went to Matang Family Park for leisure.

You can eat it with salt, with chili powder or just plain.

“Slurp..Air liur meleleh…”

Wait till a day I go site sighting with my colleague.

“Olivia, tu Bakulong sedap eh…”
“Apa Bakulong?”
“Tu tu…” I point to her the Bakulong Tree in the farm.
She burst out laughing non stop.
“Lu ah... itu Buah Kedondong…Bukan Bakulong…”

Finally I got the name of this fruit right at the age of 20.

Sebut betul betul … Buah Kedondong.

Mum plant a Buah Kedondong Tree at our backyard.
Surprisingly the tree is “Botak”- no leaves but a lot of fruits hanging at the end of small branches.

I was amazed that it can hold on to the heavy fruits.

Just this morning mum told me that there is a weird looking Buah Kedondong on the tree.

It got a NOSE.

Looks like one of the cartoon character – Pinochio.

“Pelik Bin Ajaib....” this is what Olivia and I use to say when we come across weird things.

I think if human beings have been cursed a spell like Pinocchio did, guess everyone will be having a very long long long nose, longer than elephant.

Don’t you dare to say you never LIE…..


nicksuneo said...

Kedondong and bakulong? Good info. Never heard about bakulong before.

Chee Fui said...

near your house there got a shop sell very nice 'bakulong' drink...


Wilson said...

"Sebut betul betul". Can't avoid, it is chinese slang or hockianize word. I call it bakulong too. Guess most Sarawak chinese call it bakulong.

Just like the Padungan Road, we (all my family members) used to call it PohLongNgan. The Ang Tau Peng's candol we call it cienlut.

My other hockienize words:
Buah ciku : bachikoo
Ice-cream : kay lem
durian : liulian
snooker : tuk bola

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