Saturday, May 17, 2008


Gosh, i got to give a presentation on Business Information System later.
It's part of my accessment for the subject.
Hey, many people are scare of public speaking rather then die you know.
Hope i wont talk like a ROBOT later...
Man.. to those leturers and speakers out there, i salute you!


Confuse Chua said...

Just imagine u talk to your keapo bitchy ngiau-chy busybody gym gangs la. Afterall, you are also one of the species maa...

I also don't like public speaking when I first joined my agency.

But now bila bila ready to talk. One hour is always not enuf.

Jenny Lee said...

CC ah...Easy for you to say mah.
You have been "confusing" and giving lectures all this while.
I still need a lot of training and practise. Glad that it is over and now i can concerntrate on my FINAL EXAM! Jeng Jeng Jeng!!! Time to WAR!!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it darling, i'm pretty sure you can do it. Way back when i was in a local institution, we had a drama class that went on till 4th semester, as part of English subject. Seeing us up there on stage makes me realized the fun that we had. Presenttaion is just a little part of it, you do know that sometimes people just don't listen so that will at least reduce your worries. Heh.

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