Monday, June 30, 2008


We went to Union Yes Retreat and Training Centre on saturday.
They have Swimming pool.

They have obstacles for us to test our team building and leadership skills.

They serve nice food at Cafe Rafflesia.
Their most popular dishes are "Sweat" corn soup and "Sweat" N Sour Prawn.

Nice sandy beach and clear blue sea..
My very first "Break" after the exam.. Yee Pee....
I'm away from home and office....

A trip is not fun without good companions.
Our target for next trip - Phuket Islands.

Of cause, my trip is not complete without good food.
Once again, i pamper myselfwith my favorite dish - Crab..


CC said...

Phuket ooo...? Am I in the list? Pau si bo eh.... Mai ka lu hor liau!

PS: Tonite dinner cun cun mama cooks 'sweat' corn soup. Yummy...

vian said...

i wish i was there.... *sob sob*

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