Sunday, June 15, 2008


I received an sms on the night i finished my exam...

Oh... It's from a very very SINCERE and RELIABLE friend - CC,
who is currently baby sitting my Momo.

Okay, he start to blog. But as a parasite, he tumpang at nicksuneo's blog nick is having his HACCP exam.

Then he mentioned about my MOMO. (Marimo).
Well, I'm not the first owner of the Marimo.
It's actually belongs to my lovely ex-colleague JenFur.
She gave it to me on the day she left the company.
"Take good care of my Momo har!! If any one bully him, let me know. "

CC insist me to read the blog ASAP..
I scratch my head, why so Kin Tio?

Then he mentioned about can't tanggung concerning Marimo's life... Hurhhh! OMG!

Momo kena culik.....

To get back the Marimo, Cc mention this :

"Jenny, since the task is not easy,
I would like to demand a return of RM5.00 per day
(plus 15% service charge & government tax) for the babysitting service."

Sob Sob Sob...Kena Ugut!
Dahlah minyak naik 40%,
dahlah saya baru habis stress dengan ujian,
dahlah saya tengah stress dengan kerja,
dahlah saya tiga hari tak makan..... nasi ....lemak.....
Kesianlah saya CC....
Wah wah wah.....
Srrrppppp(Lap hingus...)

If Cc still don't kesian me, guess this is the solution:-

Give me back my Momo!!
Or else i'll turn your Draco into Arowana Masin!!!
Sure Sedap with Nasi Putih... Nyek nyek nyek


CC said...

O.O' ... U revealed my sms contents..... Want police catch me hio?

nicksuneo said...

haha... jenny, if u want to have a revenge, i can help u. I always babysitting his draco when ever he is not around.


CC (aka Mentor) said...

Nick, sik bagus jadi biak derhaka macam ia...

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