Thursday, August 7, 2008

See what i've learn today

Just came back from my Moral class.
Let's see what i have learn for today...
Socrates - The founder of Philosophy..

Plato was a Classical Greek philosopher, who, together with his mentor, Socrates, and his student, Aristotle, helped to lay the foundations of Western philosophy.

Suddenly the lecturer pop up with a question "who is more handsome, Socrates or Plato?"
Then, she give an answer "No absolute answer for the question as it's like beauty in the eyes of beholders."
"Cool!" says ChingJenny.

What is Philosophy?
It is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, truth, justice, beauty, validity, mind and language.
Why study philosophy?
It's actually a rational argument on how you understand the theory and how you apply / practise.
Theoretical & applied Ethics.
Is euthanasia morality?
If you see your beloved pet suffering from illness, no hope but waiting for the time to end,
will you ask the vet to put them to sleep forever?
Or you rather see them suffer, but staying with them untill their last breath??
Are moral principle absolute?
Things change, human change, the world is changing...
Even law have to change according to social changes.
How to judge a person is morality or immorality?
We have difference perspective as us homo sapiens are unique.
No one is the same.
Ok. That is what ChingJenny have learn for today.
My philosophy now is
"When you are hungry, you must eat"
"When you are tired, you must rest"
So, i'm going home to eat & rest.


a long lost friend said...

Jenny...another good entry! I'm a sucker for philosophy.:-)) Must have been a very interesting session for you. Wish I were there...;-)

ConfuseChua getting more confuse said...

You are becoming ConfuseChing already. Another CC. Keep it up.

BTW, learning philosophy in moral class? Very weird. Just like ordering belacan-beehoon in a Japanese restaurant.

I agree. The world is changing and everything have to change follow the social changes. However, seem like most religions still nge nge si si don't want to change le. (Or if changed they are no longer called religion?) So how? Still valid or not? Ask your lecturer please.

Jenny Lee said...

For religion, it's like a set of absolute rules set by the founder.
No way we can change it. Actually we are already come out with our own new believe - by calling ourself the "free-thinker". It's not a religion but its just our own thought and our own rules to follow. Anyway, i still prefer to believe in math & science..

nicksuneo said...

I'm getting confuse more and more confuse. I hate philosophy. I get 'B-' last time for A-MUST-SUBJECT in university for philosophy. A slightly worst than my 'B' Advanced Microbiology subject.

Wei, me and Wilson are promoting one product named "Lady Secret" heh... View my blog on this topic ;-)

Wilson said...

Nicksuneo, I am out of that 'Lady Secret' topic. Don't simply spoil my good image ya? Jenny knows I am very good innocent one.

Jenny Lee said...

I almost get chok when i read the word innocent....
Next time shouldnt eat breakfast in front of PC....
Happy working!

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