Monday, August 4, 2008


I started my new semester this week.
I’m taking 3 subjects this semester.
One core paper is about Law.
Another compulsory paper is Moral Education.
These two papers will lead me to lots of argument and it’s teasing my brain;
especially I have to present my assignment/pass my exam using my “half tank water” (Pua Tang Jui) English. I guess this semester I will need help from CC with the moral assignment as CC is very good in his Confusing Theory.
CC, I know I can count on you.

I’m having a quite challenging life now, actually it already started a day after I decided to further my studies while working. So I got to know how to balance it, how to juggle between work and studies. Not only work and studies, my health, my family, my pets – My Life got to be Balance.It’s like double entries in accounting, a transaction got to have a Debit in an account and a Credit in another account.

Most of my colleges are drowning by their work load. DAMN BUSY is the only word to describe as they all have deadlines to meet, but this word only applicable to those who are busy doing the right things. Thanks to the DEADLINE, the busy doing the right things people work until Bin Oh Oh…Losing their smiles…That’s why I feel like posting smiley faces in this blog, at least when you can’t find it from ChingJenny’s face, you will still able to read it from ChingJenny’s blog. Guess we all trying our best to put on a smiley face everyday, even to a strangers. The great thing is, most of the time, the stranger will smile back at you too. I’m saying most of the time here, not all the time!

Recently a friend of mine ask me, “Why do you blog??”.
My answer is “Basically it is for me to practice my English writting, Blog is like a diary, having my own “Space” for me to express myself. No offense..
How about you?


mummy said...

Oooooh! Poor baby Jenny! Why are BAWLING? Who upset you? Come...tell mummy and I'll sort that person out! Kiss, kiss...stop bawling now ok? ;-D ;-D

CC said...

How come la this chabo sekejap smile, sekejap cry?

Ai kao ai chio, tu bor lau jio.

CC who got C- for his Pendidikan Moral said...

Jenny, sure you can count on me.

Tapi, I am afraid my Confusing Theories can only show its effectiveness in Philosophy subject nia bor.

However, here's my 2 cents.

To score good mark in Moral assignment, what you really need is "Sense of Hypocrites": Condemn the devils and praise the saints.

How to differentiate devil and saint le you may ask. Tsk, very easy. The country's leaders are always saints. Those whom they referred as devils, are always devils.

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