Saturday, October 25, 2008


(Oxford:a part given to one person out of something divided among several)
How do you find about sharing?
Do you know that you can share your hapiness with your friends and family?
Do you know that by sharing the joys with others, the happiness will double up?
Do you know how it feel when people share their happiness with you?
Do you know how it feeling when friends and family are smilling happily?
:0) ChingJenny know.....


CC said...

Ee... Cute guineapig. Me & my bro kept a lot many years ago. Don't dare to keep anymore cos afraid I may cry my heart out whn they die... :(

Their life span is short. Less than 8 years I guess.

cheeky said...

Absolutely!!! SHARING is GOOD especially HAPPINESS. On the other hand...not everyone, even your friends/family members, would rejoice with you. Why??? "JEALOUSY!" Ya...SAD but TRUE!

By the thing I would not advocate sharing is...your HUSBAND or WIFE! I'm sure you'll agree with me on this one! ;-DD

Jenny Lee said...

As long as we sayang the guineapig,do our best to take good care of them, we shouldnt be too sad when they leave us.

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