Friday, November 7, 2008

Book! Book!

So Happy!

Found 3 books that i'm interested in.

Tittle : Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance?

Author: Louis V. Gerstner, Jr
Call No. : 004.068/ GER
ISBN: 9780007170876
Publisher: Harper Collins

Tittle : Ethics, Discovering Right And Wrong

Authors: Louis P. Pojman, James Fieser
Call No.: 170/ POJ
ISBN: 9780495502357
Publisher: Cengage

Tittle : Unleash Your Potential And Take Charge Of Your Life

Author: V. Mohan
Call No.: 151.1/ MOH
ISBN: 9789679788365
Publisher: Pelanduk
But but time to read or not??
Got! For the books that i want to read, sure got time to read...
Hee hee hee...

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