Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Arts of Asia

Went to Arts of Asia last sunday.

Here are some of the local products available at AOA....
I like this couple.....

An Antique

More Antique


Wooden Vase

Proudly present you the "first product" of the shop owner.... Hee Hee
A lovely, clever and sweet young lady
This is Nicole's Art Work! Cool! The earrings with the most Xmas feel...
ChingJenny only good in eating... to do handicraft?
Ah, Forget about it!
Another product of Nicole... This one full with CNY feel...
More and more products of Nicole... WoW !
If you wonder where Arts of Asia is ........

The shop is just facing Kuching Waterfront.
Not far from Star Cineplex.
Sorry eh, ChingJenny is not very good in describing the location,
but CJ can bring you there.....
Last but not the least
~*Merry X Mas*~


The curious said...

Hey! Which couple do you like? The "man and woman" couple...or the "couple"...on the woman? ;-DD

Jenny Lee said...

Hmm... i like both couple actually.. muahaha....

nicksuneo said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny!!!!! I know, yes I know! :-)

Another curious said...

What di you mean by CJ.

Stephen Chow's CJ7 the ugly green alien doggy?

穗~ said...

i miss u guys i miss u guys i miss u guyssss lahhhhhh....
工作加油!! ***genki genki!!!***
i wil owes rmb u guys!!
tell mei lan i lub her!! *peace*** ;)

Jenny Lee said...

Hi Nick,
Thanks for the Birthday Greetings.
:) May you have a great year ahead.

Hi Curious,
CJ = Ching Jenny :)

Sui Ling!!!
Jia you Jia You..

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