Friday, March 20, 2009


What life means to you?

~No Life ~
this is the word that i often heard from friends who tie up with commitments.

What is commitment?
Personal commitment mean interaction dominated by obligations.

These obligations may be mutual, or self-imposed, or explicitly stated, or may not.

Distinction is often made between commitment as a member of an organisation

(such as a sporting team, a religion, or as an employee).

A personal commitment is a pledge or promise to ones' self for personal growth.

A commitment is just one of your choice.

No one can force you unless you allowed yourself to do so.

What is Life then?


although there is no universal agreement as to a definition of life,

its biological manifestations are generally considered to be organization, metabolism, growth, irritability, adaptation, and reproduction.

Protozoa perform, in a single cell, the same life functions as those carried on by the complex tissues and organs of humans and other highly developed organisms.

The attributes of life are inherent in such minute structures as viruses, bacteria, and genes, just as they are in the whale and the giant sequoia.
It's amazing.

life is fragile.

Handle it with care.

Don't say no life as you already got one in your hand.

You have the choice on how you want your life to be.

I know, word is always easier than action.
I= In
F= Faith
E= Everyday


A mum has just give birth to a baby boy.

Mummy, congratulation.

Baby, welcome to the world.



Philosopher said... we live our life is our choice. Cute pics! :-))

Confuse Chua said...

The post sounds very confu-jenny.

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