Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sky or Sea?

"Sky or Sea"
Where is the end of the sky and where is end of the sea?
Where is the end of the stress and tense?
Stress and tense will only go away after all the task has been accomplished.
So i'm learning how to be tolarent with the stress.
When you really need a break, take one.
Go soak in sea water....
Leave your food steps on the sandy beaches.....
or even just relax yourself in the swimming pool.
You will feel the different.

"Chili Crab"
Or indulge yourself will good food.
Spicy food my favorite.


"Round The World"
If not can try to have a sip or two ....
To be relax or tense?
You decide that.


穗~ said...

weiwei..stil rmb me??
nice shoot of the scenery..eheheh..
crAb again!! scary gal...hohoho..

Jenny Lee said...

Sui Ling,
Of cause i remember you young lady.
Hee hee. Old jie jie always like Crabbbbbb....Mwahahaa

Free spirit said...

Hmmm...I think I'll have the SKY, SEA and RELAX! (Looking at the sky and sea is very relaxing for me) There...made my decision!! ;-DDD

nicksuneo said...

went to santubong just to eat crab? stress kah? :-)

Andy said...

wah, i wan krab
must be buntal!

nicksuneo said...

no latest blog entry?

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