Monday, September 8, 2008


Went to visit my cousins yesterday.

They all participate in the beauty contest.

Cousin 1 : "Hmm.... The judge say i'm over weight"

Ching Jenny : "Dont worry, i'm over weight too..."

Cousin 2 : "They say i need to sleep more...""

Ching Jenny :"Ya, same goes to me too..."

Cousin 3 : "I'm Cold & Tired"

Ching Jenny : "Me tooo ..."

Cousin 4 : " A bit stress up here...."

Ching Jenny : "Dont worry dear, you have done your best".

Cousin 5 : "Dont disturb me...ZZZZzzz"

Ching Jenny : "....."

Cousin 6 :"Please dont take my pic with flash on..."

Ching Jenny : "Okay"

Cousin 7 : "Eh Kek Piak Eh, you know who win the competition ?"

Cousin 8 :"Bey Zai Boh...Ah Boi Announce Kok Leh...."

Cousin 1 in action.


Reach home,

i tell Baby :

"B, Ko Si Lu Siang Ho Ma...

Ai Ciak Du Ciak, Ai Kun Du Kun,

Anytime, Anywhere you like..."

~*An this is BB's art work* ~


kitty said...

Hey...didn't know you've so many "FURRY" cousins!!! ;-)) They are CUTE! :-) Btw...can't you remember their names??? Why call them by NUMBERS? ;-DD

nicksuneo said...

I also went to Da Sepering last saturday, and i took a photo of the biggest cat (the last cage) when the organizer came and warned me not to use flash mode when taking the photo. Nice exhibition... I have plenty of photos...

Jenny Lee said...

Nick, the biggest cat look fierce..
More like a dog to me..
hee hee..
But the cats are really CUTE....
Make the ladies goes "oh....So Cute...."
Got more photos, share share...

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