Thursday, September 11, 2008


Paralympic Games Beijing 2008

I saw the Official Opening - telebroadcasted through Satelite

Through out my whole life, i never seen such a touching opening ceremony.

Tears on cheeks since the beginning till the end.

Pretty ladies doing artistic performance...

(the performers are all dump and deaf)

They performed so well, just like normal people.

If the organiser did not mention during the opening,

I wont know they are handicapped.

To : Ching Jenny,

If the handicapped people can life their life so well like normal people,

Why cant normal people like you stop complaining about your normal life

and steadily progress to the destiny that you want?

~Just Do It~

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Able-bodied said...

Wow! Very impressive indeed!Quite right! If they can do it we..."ABLE-BODIED" should stop complaining...and just get on with whatever we have to do! :-)

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