Sunday, September 21, 2008

Women make better leaders?

Just points of view……

“Women wanted the top jobs; then they got them;”

Women will always think they are the same as men. Women wanted the top jobs too. If men can be CEO, why can't women? Women could be just as tough, just as ruthless, just as cold-hearted, and just focused on what they want to achieve, hence women will get what they really want.

“then Women didn’t want them anymore.”

No matter how tough, how ruthless, how cold-hearted women are, women will be tired one day. It is women nature to be soft (not hard as others are, quiet and gentle) and sensitive (showing intelligent awareness). Don’t be too surprise when women say “I don’t want them anymore”.

“Women were valued because they were genetically or socially engineered to be successful leaders in the economy”.

Here, I would define “genetically” as sensitive (showing intelligent awareness).
Thanks to revolutions century ago, women have chance to be educated, be active in the industry that they want.

“Women were now equal to men but different”
“Men had been beaten up by women for thinking they were different”

Men use to be opposite of women – known as tough, cold-hearted, “no tears”mind-set, but now men know that hard skills were not really that important when it come to leadership. Men start to understand the intrinsic value of Women in leadership. Men start practicing how to hug and cry, and sharing their feelings in group therapy.
Computer needs hardware and software to be function, leaders should also have the ability to practice their skills in“hard”way and “soft”way at the same time.

This reminds me of a song called “My Ways” . “My Ways” mind set is obsolete for leader. Leader cannot be leader without followers, hence leader need to do things “Our way”.

“Men had to change”

Here, I would define “men” as human beings. Human beings have to change from time to time. To be more specific, human beings needs self-improvement as time goes by. World is changing, moving forwards, and if the person refuse to change, he/she will be left behind.

“Emotions are powerful, then can bolster a sense of mission, bond teams together, and they can also get in the way of what need to be done and who needs to do it.”

I guess most of the employees have this in mind -“I’m overwork and underpaid” and the leader will always the followers to have the sense of responsible for own duty and alert for others duties as they are sailing on the same ship.

“Men and women could learn a lot from each other about leadership.”
We not only learn from experience, we also learn from each other.

“We all have different tools in different balance”
Hence we need to compensate the weakness by keep up our strength.

“We will never know are men better at leadership in practice or women having better leadership attributes in theory”
“All leaders, prospective leaders and followers – men and women- need to understand the true nature of leadership.”

It doesn’t matter our leader is a he or a she, all we want is a good leader and all the leader want is a good follower.

How you difine “good”?? Its up to individual.


fairer sex said...

Okay...this quote: “Women were valued because they were genetically or socially engineered to be successful leaders in the economy”...has answered my question!(I am right!) ;-))

Jenny Lee said...

To all the leaders and followers,
Have a great day at work! :-)

neither a leader nor a follower said...

Ya! have a great day working as a suggested. We must learn from each other, and...make use of both our..."hardware" and "software!" Cheers! :-))

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