Saturday, September 13, 2008


Found this new title on the library's book shelf this morning.
Had a glance.
Hmm.. interesting...

The Taboos of Leadership breaks the silence on the secrets that leaders can’t address publicly for fear of losing power, self-respect, or their jobs because they run counter to everything we’re taught these days about good leadership.

This book deals head-on with the truth about such forbidden concepts as:

1. The Pull of Charisma (Yes, it matters.)
2. Nepotism and Favoritism (Sorry, it makes sense sometimes.)
3. Blatant Self-Interest (As long as it’s good for the company.)
4.The Double Standard of Executive Pay (And why they deserve the huge pay packages.)
5.Avoiding Succession Planning and/or Refusing to Give-up the Reins (Wouldn’t you?)
6.Why Women Make Better Leaders Than Men (When they’re willing to do what it takes.)

What caught ChingJenny's eyes is this content :-

"Why Women Make Bettere Leaders Than Men(When they're willing to do what it takes)".

If you are as curious as I am, go check out the book now.

Do visit the link below to find out more about the author and the book.


the fairer sex said...

"Why Women make better leaders?" My logic tells me..."It's because women are better communicators, better at multi-tasking and good at budgeting." Am I correct Jenny?;-)

Sounds like an interesting read... this book. :-)

Jenny Lee said...

It is an interesting book to read!
I got it with me now.
But yet to finish reading all.
I do agree with the author for some of the issue.
My point of view is no matter how tough the women is, she still need loves and cares from the family, friends and love one. :-)

fairer sex said...

Too right! Love, care, family and friends...apart from air, water and food...are the basic needs of a human being. A tough it man or woman, minus their emotional needs...would be a "MONSTER!" We don't need this species to be our leader. ;-))

Do let me know when you have finished reading the book... whether my guess is correct. "Women are better leaders because of their qualities!" ;-))

CC said...

Ya la ya la. I always prefer lady boss (although majority guys don't like). Even during school time I prefer lady form teacher and lady headmaster.

fairer sex said...

Bravo!!! We have one fan of "female leaders! Thank you mister! :-))))

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