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Depression is a common, serious and treatable disorder.

Two core features are Low Mood and a Lack of Pleasure from pleasurable activities.
Common symptom among Malaysian is tiredness and lethargy. The worst consequence of depression is suicide. People with serious illness are more prone to develop depression. On the other hand, people with depression will more likely to develop physical illness. Common illnesses In this case are Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

Depression is treatable. Minor depression can be treated with help of antidepressants and psychological treatments. Severe depression (especially associated with suicidal) may go through a treatment called Electro-Convulsive therapy or ECT.

The most effective psychological treatment is called Cognitive Therapy. It helps the patients to understand what is happening to them and then to react better in a critical situation. It focuses on changing negative and destructive thought to more positive and it include problem solving and building self-worth.

ChingJenny: Having a positive thought is essential; especially we are living in this stressful world. We got to know how to solve the problem ourselves or with help. It’s ok when people look down on us due to our weakness but it’s the worst when we also agreed that we are worthless….(Eh,I mean worthless not Priceless oh!). It’s good we understand that why we are SAD and know how to react in the first place, hence the level of sadness won’t increase and become depression. Knowing the caused and consequence will help us live a better life, cause we always know, a beneficial action will bring us to a beneficial consequence.

*Helping ourselves*

Proper diet – limit intake of sweets, fats, alcohol, fried food. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetable, drinks H2O, reduce salt intake.
ChingJenny: Oppss… currently my food intake is totally the other way round.

Exercise – It help release endorphins and it relieve tiredness or fatigue.
ChingJenny: I miss the Gym!!!!!!!!!
ChingJenny:Trust me, when you say you are tired and exercise will make you feel more tired, you are wrong!

Talking to others –need to know that there is someone you can talk to, openly and honestly.

ChingJenny:I never see “San Ku, Liu Poh” got depressed .They always express themselves freely regardless you like it or not. But not too much gossips... End up sore throat! If the honestly is an issue, you can try to talk to your pet, but respond is not guarantee.

Sleep Hygiene – Have enough sleep and have a comfortable sleep environment.

ChingJenny: If you are having sleepless night now, probably you are just thinking too much on why you can’t fall asleep yet. Don’t waste your time, just go to sleep..zZzZzz.....sweet dream my friends…..


Happy soul said...

I don't want...."depression!" So...better go to bed now! Night, night! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Mai ka lu kong said...

Who say talk to pets no respond? I talk to my pet plants le. Sometimes I even whine to them ... "Eh cammon la, don't like that liau, bloom (germinate, produce plantlets) for me liau... don't make me wait like that liau. Nah! If you don't then wa mai ka lu hor liau....". Trust me, it works.

Jenny Lee said...

Of cause our pet will give us feed back. Try to give your cat a fish, see what she say..Hee hee

Hmm Depression....
Cannot avoid being SAD sometime. Though your mind said "Its okay, things is not that bad" but your heart is "Ouching!!!!" like hell..

Well, if only your mind can listen to your heart and both see eyes to eys all the time...

counsellor said...

Absolutely right! All of us are not spared from feeling "BLUE" at times. However, most of us are able to get out of it sooner or later.

DEPRESSION is like us...picking up a very hot dish or drink accidentally. The reflex action for most, is to drop it...coz, it hurts. But...for some, they might try to bring it to the table eventhough it hurts,'s a waste or pity to break a lovely plate or cup. Then, there are those...who tried to drop it...but can't, was super-glued to their hand. So...they need to get professional help to help get rid of it...before further destruction is inflicted.

The hot dish/cup of drink represents our job/career, relationship and other problems! Counsellors and doctors are the professional help required. :-)

Jenny Lee said...

Cool counsellor.

hesslei said...

While a depressed mood is usually referred to as negative, it can sometimes be subtly beneficial in helping a person adapt to circumstance. For example, physical illness, such as influenza, can lead to feelings of psychological malaise and depression that seem, at first, only to compound an already unpleasant situation. The experience of depression, or feeling "down," often results in physical inertia, which leads to the compulsion to rest.


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