Saturday, October 11, 2008

World Mental Health Day 2008

Went to Spring for lunch yesterday.

An exhibition to create public awareness of Mental Illness is going on in Spring in conjuction of World Mental Health Day 2008 (10 October).

Free copies of handbook on Depression is given out to the public at the exhibition booth.

The handbook is written by Dr Philip George from IMU Msia, tittle : Depression is an illness.

We have to admit that Depression is a very common illness in the society now adays and it is as serious as cancer, but Depression is not a weakness. Depression is treatable! Life cases shown that patient who recover from Depression can resumed to their normal life, in fact, they will be able to cope with the sress more effectively than before.

Ching Jenny: It's okay that you fall down, but dont just sit on there and start complaining about the life is so unfair.Yes, Life is unfair, but we have the ability to balance it up. It's okay we are slow, just as long as we move on , we will reach our destiny.

The theme of this year's World Mental Health Day is "Mental health in a changing world: the impact of culture and diversity."

We live in a culturally interconnected world where one person in every 35 is an international migrant. Dramatically different languages, religions and cultures coexist in a single country. This cultural diversity may influence many aspects of mental health, including how individuals from a given culture communicate and manifest their symptoms, their style of coping, their family and community supports, and their willingness to seek treatment.

In the mental health care setting, culture impacts how people:
- label and communicate distress;
- explain the causes of mental health problems;
- perceive mental health providers; and
- utilize and respond to mental health treatment.

The 2007 World Mental Health Day campaign, an initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health, will bring attention to trans-cultural mental health services and treatment.


philosopher said...

Hi Jenny! I love your statement : "It's okay that you fall down, but don't just sit there and start complaining about life is so unfair. Yes, Life is unfair, but we have the ability to balance it up. It's okay we are slow, just as long as we move on, we will reach our destiny." Absolutely spot on!!! :-)) Cheers!

nicksuneo said...

I also afraid of 'Mental Illness', potentially happen to me. Is Depression really treatable? I wish to learn the treatment's theory. For me hah, the best treatment is we keep on silent without talking to anybody, sleep, and everything will be OK the next day.

Jenny, I want to ask you something since you are in Swimburne. Is there anybody you know, or your friend in Swimburne who drive silver Proton Wira with registration number QKK 3831? I met her many many times during Sunday sunset Mass at St Joseph church,..... She looks familiar

Jenny Lee said...

Dont know who's the owner of QKK3831. Next time you saw her, remember to ask her name.. :0)

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