Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Have a break

Went to beach recently.

"Hee Hee Hee''

It has been a while i did'nt visit the sea.

The last trip to the beach was last Raya.

"Muak, Love Yourself!"
Me and Rebecca standing next to baby pool.

Me and Rebecca at the beach.


Me and the "Leng Lui" - Aileen & Rebecca

My "Tam Chiak" face at Seafood Centre. Having my favourite dish - Crab.

It would be more fun if the crab is HUGE and i can use a stone to break the shell.

I'm going back to stone age..Hee hee.. hee.

Now, I guess Confuse Chua is going say : Lu Be Si Jing Bo Eng Meh? Ko U Eng Ki Holiday hor!

Bo Kutlat Thak Chek Boh!
Jenny : But Cc, I really can't wait till i go island in KK.
I promise i will kutlat kutlat Thak Chek later lah...
Hee hee hee...

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Gosh, i got to give a presentation on Business Information System later.
It's part of my accessment for the subject.
Hey, many people are scare of public speaking rather then die you know.
Hope i wont talk like a ROBOT later...
Man.. to those leturers and speakers out there, i salute you!

Friday, May 9, 2008


Blog under construction...
Will be back soon.....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

ChaBou & Double

One fine day, ChaBou and Double went gai-gai at BULIBAT.

Scene 1:Wedding photo exhibition booth

Chabou : Laling ah, let’s have a look at the wedding photo.
Double : Okay…
Chabou : Eeee.. this one Jin Sui…
Salesgirl : This is our promotion package RM4digits for indoor and outdoor photos. Double : Wah! Why so expensive? RM4digits? Taking pictures for two person nia, can give 50% discount or not?
Salesgirl : Can. You can choose to take either picture of the bride or the bridegroom only.
Chabou & Double: …..

Here, the Blind Fortune Teller’s advice is :
It is not cheap to take wedding photo, take family photo better. Ask your grandmas, grandpas, uncles, aunties, TuaBo and SayEe, daughters and sons, cucu-cicit take pictures together-gather (bersama-sama). More worth mah...

Scene 2: Diamond Shop

Double : This one okay or not.
Chabou : Hmm.. Too small, can’t see the diamond.

Chabou : Hmm.. This one better.
Double : Let me see…. How much ah?
Salesman : After discount RM6digits.
Double : Wat? Why so expensive? It’s my three months salary oh!
Salesman : But sir, this is 3.5carat.
Double : Huh, berkarat already? Aiyah, sayang, like that don’t buy diamond lah.
I will buy you the crystal ring from next door; it won’t berkarat, cheaper and shinning like diamond also.
Salesman : ……..

Chabo : (Shake-head) Ladies, you say lah, should I marry him or not?

Another advice from the Blind Fortune Teller is :
Diamond ring and Crystal ring also ring. Loves don’t measure in carats…If you really like him, Stainless steel ring also can. Betul tak? And ladies now a days don’t just wait for man to buy diamond ring as they can always B.I.Y. (Buy it yourself), right?

Blind Fortune Teller: You got to belief what I say. Look into my eyes; I don’t tell lie one….

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


It's raining heavily out there this evening.

Wanted to go home to have a good rest but i can't.

Tonnes of work to be done and final exam i just around the corner...

Last night, i told my friend a jewish proverb : When You Must, You Can.

Tonight, i tell myself : While you can, quick quick finish your work and go home to sleep....

I really that.....ZZZzzzzzzz

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Jenny Lee

Hello there.
This is Jenny Lee here.

If you look at my face, I’m actually smiling most of the time.
The most important thing to makes my life go on is “Happy”
(not to mention $, air & water...)

But if you look closer to my eyes, you will find the “I wonder” sign in it.
There are so many things that I have yet to learn and understand.
It all takes time and I have to learn from experience.
The most importance is, learnt from the experience,
and DO NOT repeats the same mistake again.
So if I find any mistake in my post,
“Mohon Maaf Zahir and Batin” hor?


Mum tough me what “Bakulong” is when I was young.
So, this is “Bakulong”.

During my childhood, I use to buy “Bakulong Jeruk” every time we went to Matang Family Park for leisure.

You can eat it with salt, with chili powder or just plain.

“Slurp..Air liur meleleh…”

Wait till a day I go site sighting with my colleague.

“Olivia, tu Bakulong sedap eh…”
“Apa Bakulong?”
“Tu tu…” I point to her the Bakulong Tree in the farm.
She burst out laughing non stop.
“Lu ah... itu Buah Kedondong…Bukan Bakulong…”

Finally I got the name of this fruit right at the age of 20.

Sebut betul betul … Buah Kedondong.

Mum plant a Buah Kedondong Tree at our backyard.
Surprisingly the tree is “Botak”- no leaves but a lot of fruits hanging at the end of small branches.

I was amazed that it can hold on to the heavy fruits.

Just this morning mum told me that there is a weird looking Buah Kedondong on the tree.

It got a NOSE.

Looks like one of the cartoon character – Pinochio.

“Pelik Bin Ajaib....” this is what Olivia and I use to say when we come across weird things.

I think if human beings have been cursed a spell like Pinocchio did, guess everyone will be having a very long long long nose, longer than elephant.

Don’t you dare to say you never LIE…..

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